Key facts on geyser insurance


You might only experience a burst geyser once in your lifetime, but that could be tonight.

Below we highlight the specific policy element needed if:

Geyser leaks/bursts

Your geyser at home leaks or burst and you will need to have the following done as soon as possible:

Building insurance covers:

  • Replace geyser
  • Repair damage to permanent fixtures and fittings, eg walls, ceilings and fitted carpets.

Household content insurance covers:

  • Repair damage to contents in the house including bedding, loose carpets and appliances.

– Warranty

It is advisable to know the make, age and warranty details of your geyser. Some insurance policies require this information, including regular maintenance, before paying out.

Are you covered sufficiently?

Here is some tips on geyser maintenance to minimise your risk:

  1. Know where your geyser is located
  2. Know how to turn off your water
  3. Service geyser every three years
  4. Fit a drip tray beneath geyser to divert some water to prevent damage
  5. Don’t place expensive items (appliances, paintings etc) directly beneath or in the vicinity of the geyser

If you would like more information, click here to contact your broker.

* This article is informational and educational and should not be used or relied on as financial or professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss from reliance upon any information herein.


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