Why you need pet insurance


Few things unite South Africans more than their love of pets.

When a beloved pet gets hurt or becomes ill, you will do anything to help them get well.

Did you know?

If your dog had a cataract in its eye, it could cost your R10 000.

If your cat was attacked by a dog, your could fork out easily R5 000.

If your cat had leukaemia, it could cost up to R10 000.

A hip replacement performed by a specialist could cost up to R30 000.

Reasons to get pet insurance:

  • Vet bills could come at an astronomical cost
  • Dogs and cats get ill, injured and have accidents

For around R120 a month you could save thousand of rands.

There are generally three levels of cover:

  • Accident only

This would cover incidents like a car driving over your pet or another animal attacking your cat or dog.

  • Accident and illness

This cover is for accidents, but also for illness. Things like cancer, hip replacements (except if hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition of the breed of animal), tumour removals etc.

  • Accident; illness and routine care cover 

The added benefit of this cover is for the contribution towards things like vaccination and deworming.

What are the key benefits you should consider?

  • Cover for illness and accidents
  • Routine expenses add-ons
  • Multi-pet discount
  • Visit to any vet countrywide

What you need to know before getting pet insurance

  • Most insurance companies will not insure a pet that is younger than eight weeks or older than eight years.
  • If you insure your puppy or kitten, it can remain on the insurance plan until old age.
  • You can only submit a claim after having been on pet insurance for a month.
  • Most pet insurance policies require your pet to be microchipped.
  • Pet medical aid usually doesn’t pay up front. You’ll need to pay before claiming back. Thirty days is a normal waiting period before you are paid.
  • Hereditary diseases or defects won’t be covered.

How much will it cost?

Pet insurance can cost anything from R120 to R250 a month, depending on the type of animal. Cover for cats are usually slightly cheaper than for dogs. Premiums also decrease when you add on more pets.

Speak to your broker today to ensure your pet needs are met sufficiently.

* This article is informational and educational and should not be used or relied on as financial or professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss from reliance upon any information herein.


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